How to get those Free Steam Wallet Codes

Have you guys tried that new game Mordhau on steam?

I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone serious about Medieval Combat.

Amour comes in 4 flavours regardless of historical uses, None, Light, Medium, Heavy
Styling is just Styling.

Many things are OP’d in this game, Fire will kill you instantly (unless you use your points for reduced fire damage), Horses have the advantage of killing you without any way to counter it. You have to get the “lucky” shot or just keep killing the horse until the rider is down.

Average Full Amour is 200 hit points, horse has about 2000 hit points

Riders only have to Swing and they will kill anyone near by, even at your spawn points, which is were most horses can be found, racking up Deaths for their to Kill Ratio

Death to Kill Ratio, that’s all that anyone cares about.
Good Players, will FARM noobs on servers, instead of finding a more skilled players

Cheats are in and I see them all the time. Now if you don’t want to pay for the game, simple watch this youtube video: free steam wallet codes

*There is Cheating in this Game*

Sometimes your Character freezes in place, with no explanation and about 30 seconds later, it is free again.

Hit boxes are off, 2 arrows will kill a full armoured person
Mauls/PoleAxes/Axes are not only destructive they are also 1 hit wonders, requiring no skill, but just timing
Most swords only take 2 or 3 hits for kills, with the excutioner sword as being a 1 hit wonder at times

With the Multitude of people cheating, I can not recommend this product to anyone

Other Things to Consider
5 Maps only, the Same Maps, The Same areas

I’m running a Radeon VII and i9 9900k – game is smooth for me, it does freeze for others

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