Can you get free ps4 games?

I’ve been trying to find a method to get free ps4 games in 2019, its hard but heres a game I did manage to get for free.

The Review:

This game was made for Two Handed weapons. This is a little disappointing to realize that a good chunk of the weapon choices are made to be worse than two handers,. The way you can just walk in and swing a two hand sword side to side, staggering groups of people while having your sword do the same damage moving through torsos is nuts.

I generally play with a rapier and a buckler. I sometimes use two handers, but it generally doesn’t feel as rewarding with how easy it is. Now, light weapons sure can beat down on the new players, but two hand still has the advantage.

Bows. My god what a disappointment. I was excited for bows, and hoped the devs learned from Chivalry. However, bows are rather worthless for the multitude of penalties you receive. You end up with light armor. This is worthless with chase mechanic as you will get outran by full heavy armor and two handed weapons. You will get one shot a lot. You can have a small sword with you, but you sacrifice needed perks to make bows useful. The huntsman perk sounds like they just wanted archers to fight amongst themselves, leaving melee combat alone. The ways I see to improve bows, is mainly projectile speed. The arrows travel so slow you can side step them no problem. Not to mention, the ridiculous feature of parrying an arrow, which is incredibly easy to do. Furthermore, you can chamber or block arrows just by swinging your weapon, so if you fire into a group of fighting people, your arrow will probably just disappear. So, its incredibly easy to walk up on an archer, and when you hit them, they drop their bow and cant swap weapons for a moment making them an easy target if you somehow didn’t manage to one shot them. Shooting people in the head with a bow doesn’t cause them to flinch or stop swinging or even mess up their swing. Bows are not very good against horses since the projectile speed is so low. You can avoid this by standing in front of the charging horse to land one hit, likely to not kill the rider or the horse, and get one shot from the rider.

So, to sum that up. The bow fires way to slow. Parrying an arrow is ridiculous. Arrows disappearing from swinging weapons, is also ridiculous. Long bow cost 11, plus 6 perk points to make them worthwhile, and you get so many penalties for picking it.

If you are looking to get the game follow this youtube guide: free ps4 games

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